Manhattan lockdown 2020″ is part of “Sierpe and other stories,” a series of compositions with electric guitar, loop, iphone, fragments of poetry and spoken word in different languages. It is a reflection on cities and technology connecting them and limiting them; it is also a conversation with visual artists, musicians and writers like Saul Steinberg, O. Henry, Federico García Lorca and others. Most fragments of this poem are from “Cry To Rome (from the Tower of the Chrysler Building)” by Federico García Lorca.

“Como si no fuéramos”, 12 string guitar, loop, ebow. Voz de Aura Sabina, poema “Como si no fuéramos”, de Francesca Gargallo. Aves de Cuernavaca.

“iLandscape”: electric guitar, loops, Siri, fragmentos de “Anochecer en Coney Island” de Federico García Lorca.

“El mar que nos devora”: pieza para guitarra eléctrica, caja de música y iphone. Voz de la poeta Aura Sabina; poema de la poeta Blanca Luz Pulido, “Navegación nocturna”; sonidos del mar de la artista visual Tania Pineda; fragmentos de Satie, “Gnossienne No.1”; caja de luz & música hecha por el escultor José Antonio Rage.

Improvisación con dulces, ukulele, caja de música y grabación de un poema de Aura Sabina.

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